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         The mission of Jesup Elementary School Library program is to equip students and staff with the skills necessary to access and use information gathered from a variety of print and digital resources and extend the learning from the classroom/media center to the global community. Students will become creators of information and innovative products, enthusiastic readers/learners, skillful researchers and ethical users of information in a collaborative environment.

         At Jesup Elementary, reading is a priority.  All staff encourage students to read daily because we recognize that reading opens doors.  Our students have access to the media center daily to check out books.  The Media Center staff provides access to resources that allow students to learn to find that just right book or learning resource.  Parents are asked to sign a release statement in the handbook providing permission for students checkout and bring home books from the media center.  Without this form, students must leave all books in their classroom. We ask parents to take a few moments to talk to their child(ren) about a safe place to store books when they are at home.  We suggest in the book bag when not in use.  This protects the books from younger siblings or pets and ensures that the book is returned to school when the child is ready to get a new book.

         PreK and Kindergarten classes visit the media center once a week for story time with the Media Specialist and check out one book at a time.  As soon as Kindergarten students are ready to visit the media center on their own, they are allowed to check out books on an as needed basis.  This is decided by the classroom teacher and is based on individual student goals.  First through fifth grade students visit the media center throughout the day and may checkout two books.  Students have access to a wide variety of books including fiction, non-fiction, picture books and chapter books.  We even have a few eBooks available through Follett Destiny Discover.

         Teachers also send students to the media center on an individual basis to participate in a multitude of activities.  Students are invited to create in the creation stations, read independently on our big comfy couch or collaborate in groups using classroom chromebooks at our work tables/stations.

         We encourage parents to get invovled in the activities we have going on in the media center by participating in media center sponsored activities such as book character pumpkin contests and book fairs as well as through volunteering to read to students.  We value your input.  Come join us and cuddle up with a good book!  We would love to have you!

    Mrs. Jennifer Popkin, Media Specialist and Mrs. Amy Mallord, Media Clerk

    Jennifer Popkin Bitmoji with Library books

Novelist K-8

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